Tuesday, August 19, 2008

August 08

We made it to Kentucky to visit Katie, Danny and Lukey! It was so nice getting to see Lukey. He has grown a couple of inches since July I think. It was such a surprise to Ken when he saw Cassie. He was not expecting that at all.
We stayed in Bowling Green just a few miles away. Danny and Katie had just moved into their new home that week, and I'm sure were glad to have some peace and quite. (well as much as can be had with a baby around) It gave us a chance to reguvinate ourselves. It takes a lot of energy to love on Lukey. I wish we were able to be with him daily to see all of the little subtle changes as he figures things out and discovers this world. It's amazing how fast they grow.
We'll always treasure those memories with our two girls, and I grow more and more appreciative of having my sisters and their kids so close by during those years. Our parents moved us away from our aunts/uncles and cousins when we were in elementary/jr high. We really didn't have a chance to get very close with any of them.
Maybe our grandchildren will in turn live near their siblings and our great grandchildren will have that same bond our children had. Things go in cycles.
Oh well, so much for sentamentalness. We go back to work in a few days. Back to our routines. I think that works better for me. I tend to get more accomplished. We hopefully won't have to add anyone to our carpool. I would greatly miss "our time". This economy is making things tight for everyone though. That too tends to go in cycles.
Take care everyone!