Monday, October 27, 2008

Early Release!!

Just to throw you all off I'm putting out my November release in October! You see the only reason I'm doing this blog is to keep in touch with the lives of my family who has chosen to move out west. (I know Kentucky isn't really west, but it's further west then West Virginia)
I felt badly that everyone was making far more entries than I, but now...maybe they are too busy to keep in touch with their mother. Maybe I should help them with their blogs and make up exciting stories of what might be going on if only they were to be kind enough to share it with me themselves.
Let's Cassie and Paul drove to the big city of Chicago this weekend to buy a new piece of furniture for their apartment. Wait. That is true...Ah, but see I know that because Cassie called me this weekend.
Katie on the other hand I have no idea what may be going on with her. So, let's see, Katie tried this wonderful new recipie for Chicken Pot Pie that Oprah featured on her show this week. She had the whole house filled with the aroma of roasted chicken and corn bread when Danny came home from work. To make it yummy for Lukey she put the veggies and chicken through the food grinder first. Mashed Chicken Pot Pie. Mmmm Danny had 3 helpings to make sure she knew how much he appreciated her effort. She decided that since it was such a big hit she would volunteer to make enough for our Thanksgiving dinner in Virginia! She knows her mother would be so proud!

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Roxie said...

Katie! That's a wonderful idea! It sounds yummy! You are turning out to be such a good cook. Better than I ever was. I bet you could do wonders with grandma's pumpkin pie recipie!